im having trouble with my lights turn signals reverse lights and hazard lamps every thing else works well im thinking it could be a ground prob or a couple of broken wires what do yall think
1976 fuel injected standard is new to me but its my baby
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I just went through a province to province inspection here in BC.
I am happy to say that my '74 standard passed after a lot of little finicky things and some rust repair. Signal lights were an issue for me too. I replaced the flasher, replaced all the fuses, even ones that looked good and discovered something came on that I didn't even know I had. A couple days after my inspection my front passenger signal stopped working I changed the bulb and checked the fuses and still nothing.
I took the bulb out again and realized the contacts under the bulb were corroded, I scraped them with a knife and it worked right away!

Hope this helps!
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