I am a new bug owner and I want to lower my 1976 Beetle approx 1-2". I noticed that the suspension is made up of shocks only, no springs. Is there an easy way to accomplish the height drop.

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Your car has torsion bars that are the springs. There are quite a few ways to lower the front. The cheapest is to cut the front axle tubes in the middle one tube at a time on each side of the set screw and lock nut, and move them a small amount in the direction you want to go.Or you can install adjusters in the beam. Either way they will need to be re-welded in that position. As I said this is the cheapest way to lower the front but you need to know what you are doing or you will be buying a new front beam. This is also the next cheapest way to lower your bug. A new front beam with adjusters already installed is fairly cheap and most suppliers have them. All you have to do is put your old parts on them and install the new beam. but you will have to put in caster shims to bring every thing back to proper tolerance. The best way in my opinion is to get new lowered spindles, they cost a little more than a new beam but alignment and suspension travel are not changed from stock. You will still have to get the front end aligned after installation but all the settings will be stock.
 On the rear you will have to remove the rear spring plates and lower it by a spline or two (at the most), while this is not really hard to do I would suggest that you get an official service manual (Robert Bentley Manual) from your local VW parts supplier and study this a little before you tackle this. As I said it is really not that hard but their descriptions and pictures are better than anything I could put here.The main thing to remember if you don't have the gauges for measuring the angles is just move it a spline or two at the most and you will be fine.
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