I am replacing my master brake cylinder on my 70 bug and was wondering if anyone had a strong opinion on what brand I should purchase. I was looking at and see they offer 2 brands, TRW and a German made one. The TRW one is about 35 bucks and the German one is about 60.

I'd like to save a few bucks if I can but not at the wrong expense.

Any thoughts or recommendations are much appreciated.

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German made parts have a better reputation and when you are counting on stopping the few extra bucks are well spent.  Given that, last spring I bought a new carburetor and distributor for my ' 72 1302.  The carb has performed flawlessly and was made in China.  The German made distributor had a built-in flaw with the power in wire's insulation marred when a metal clip holding it had been installed too tight causing it to short against the body of the distributor.  This could have caused a fire and cost me my car ! Just some food for thought.  Now, when I bought my new master cylinder I did spring for the German one.  On any of my cars when I am buying new shoes, pads, drums or discs I always go premium grade.  My life is worth it.
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