Hi Mike,
Fancy finding You here at AllAirCooled.com forum...
I haven't been here for a while...
Looks like You are in trouble buddy...
One's gone and the other won't...

catch up with You later..

Lee -- 68AutoBug --
Lee Noonan
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Hiya All (anybody out there?),

I have two items on my mind at the moment......

First, is there any firm out there who reproduces basketweave pleated seating covers BESIDES TMI? Seems incredible to me that TMI refuses to heat pleat their seats in the original pattern VW used. The rest of the product seems to be nicely done, but the pleats are wrong. I talked to the folks at Sew-Fine, they knew only of TMI. Anybody have any ideas on this one?

Second, Z-Products (the originator of the Z-Bed) in Wilsonville, Oregon has gone belly up. They had been selling a Z-Bed kit which, when installed, would have been indistiguishable from a stock interior (as opposed to the clunky hide-a-beds used in the campers). With this kit, one would be able to fold down the apparent stock rear seat into a bed in less than a minute. None in stock at any of the dealers who previously carried Z-Products products. Anybody have any ideas for finding one of these kits?


1970 Bus - The Ruptured Duck
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