Make: Volkswagen

Model: Golf Mk1 Clipper Cabrio

Year/Reg: 1990

Mileage: 173181

MOT: October 2011

Tax: September 2011

Good points: Power Steering, Mint hood and window, mechanically sound with many extras.

Bad points: Bodywork showing age, wheels are a bit crap too.

Location: Hartlepool, North East, Cleveland.

Price: £1600

Contact details: Ben: 07792 850367

For sale is my wifes mk1 clipper cab which is such a nice car we have owened it twice now. We origionally sold it when we had a 2nd child on the way and the steering was too heavy. Since buying the car back i fitted a Corsa power steering setup and its now a joy to drive! You will be hard pushed to find such a good example especially one with power steering! This kit alone costs around £400!

Overall the car is in real nice condition with no rot or mechanical issues, the bodywork however is showing its age a bit so dont expect a show winner, the worst is shown in the pics around the window and rear light. The hood is in very good condition with no rips or tears and the rear window is rust free which is a rare find these days.

The engine is a 1.8 8v and in very good condition. It burns no oil or water and pulls very well, probably as quick as a gti! Ive added a few tweeks such as a webber carb (which has just been fully rebuilt and tuned), uprated alternator, front polly urethane engine mount, K&N pannel filter, gti cam, gti exhaust manifold and down pipe. The mid section of the exhaust is an OEM item in very good condition as its only a couple of years old and the rear silencer is a custom made stainless system with a 3" rolled round tip. Not loud but has a nice rumble. The BOSCH battery is under warranty and ive also just carried out an oil and filter change so you should have plenty of trouble free miles ahead. The fuel filler neck is also in great condition and the fuel tank has been inspected and found to be clean as a whistle. Just saying as these are common problem areas.

All of the suspension on the car has been polly bushed for that firm feel and many extra years service compared to standard rubber bushings. The only bushings not done were the rear beam ones as this can sometimes result in a twitchy back end when cornering hard. The suspension is a coil over setup which is set quite low but can be adjusted to suit.

The brakes on most mk1 golfs are often poor but as this is an auto they are much better than usual. They are in no way as good as a modern car but have never failed to stop or lock up at any speed for me. Ive never seen any need to upgrade them.

The interior is also very nice in looks and condition. The drivers chair has a little bit of wear on the bolster which is very common on golfs of this age but nothing major and there is a small cigarette burn on the rear bench. But overall is very nice and clean. Ive also added the odd bit of chrome such as the window winder handles and door pulls and the chrome trimed console and air vents. Also added is a set of VDO gauges in the centre console for oil pressure, temperature and voltage, however i never got round to wiring them in. The car is fitted with a cat 1 imobiliser. The stereo is a Alpine unit and the door speakers have been upgraded for 2 way fusion speakers and 6x9 infinity kappa rear speakers.

If you have any questions please ask or contact me to arrange a viewing.

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