well airheads the motor in the bug is coming out this weekend and im gonna post  pics as i go kinda a step by step if there is any useful info i should know on steps i shouldnt forget please by all means let me know thanks as always see ya TOM

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This may sound trivial but one of the most frequently overlooked steps is to remove the accelerator cable from the carb.  You also want to take it easy on how you lower the engine once you have pulled it free from the tranny.  I found that a stack of pieces of 2x6 stategically placed provides a soft landing.
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Look out for the throttle cable for sure...Also the heater box cables. Also remember to bring something under the car with you for plugging the fuel line when you remove to from the engine. Don't want fuel poring all over the floor while you scramble for something to cram in there. One thing I have found for removing the engine is a cheap SMALL rolling floor jack like Shucks sells for around $35.00 to $40.00 bucks. They get it down almost to the ground, and then you just tip the engine and pull out the jack. Or if you have the car jacked up enough just roll it out on the jack. But what ever you do don't just drop the engine out of the car on to the floor as it's hard on castings IE... engine cases,etc.
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