I have a beetle 69. and so far i got 20 miles per gallon. Is that right?. engine 1664 cc, all standard, 1 carburator.


Maybe i am burning too much gas?, how many MPG is the average in a beetle 69?


Please help.... I may have to take it to the mechanic.





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Hi Opcamp:  I am restoring a '74 and I have not had a chance to drive it much yet so I don't know what mileage to expect, however I believe as you do that it should be greater than 20 MPG.  Perhaps some of our other good friends can tell us the mileage that they get.  Anyway as a suggestion, you can look at the choke on the carburator.  It is electrically operated and if it is not working or the pivot shaft is stuck, this can affect the gas consumption. Just pull the air cleaner off when the engine is warm and see if the choke plate is fully open. If you are running "Rich" and I assume you would be if the choke is partially closed, the spark plugs will be carboned up and this doesn't help either.  The three other things I can think of, is that the idle speed might be a bit high and when you stop it is gobbling up fuel if its idling too fast. The next is if you are travelling in a high traffic area with stop and go driving, not good either. And lastly if you are a hot-dogger on the pedal you can guess the result.  Hope I helped you.  P.S.  Be sure the air cleaner filter is not plugged with dirt.

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