I have the full setup in my bug and was wondering of anybody has this in their car or has used it? I have the MSD Billet Distributor, 6A Ignition box, and MSD Coil. I bought a 1971 SB w/ 1600DP and dual Kadros and it already had it installed.
The car had been sitting and it is in excellent condition. Motor was rebuilt right before storage. I have since changed the oil, screen and spark Plugs. I turned the motor over a few times and double checked the marks on the crank pulley with the split in the case. and made sure the rotor was pointing to the #1 piston ( about 4 o'clock).
I hooked up a new battery and made sure all the cables and wires were hooked up correctly and I tried starting it up. I, of course, put about 3 gal. of gas in it.
It turns over but does not run. I checked the hose on the motor next to the distributor and it was dry. I am hoping that the fuel filters are bad and just need to be replaced? Any other suggestions?

I was wondering if I would be better off selling the stuff and getting a different kind of ignition? I think this setup is overkill for a 1600DP with dual Kadros?

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Are you still using a stock fuel pump?  First, check the flow of fuel from the tank to the pump.  Pull the input line off of the pump and see if you can draw fuel through the line.  I know with mine I had kinked the line where it came out of the bottom of the fuel tank.  I drew on the line and got nothing.  Removing the kink did the trick.  It would also be a good idea to check the screen in the top of the fuel pump for any  buildup of crud.  It is common to put in a fuel filtre between the pump and the carb(s) or even to locate a filtre nearer the front  of  the car where the line comes out of the tank.  Trace all of this down.  It may not be a bad idea to check out the movement of the fuel pump push rod.  If it is jammed up you will have no pumping action.  Good luck with the project.   Dan in Goderich
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MY72BUG has it right, but it's just one part of the triad to figure out what the problem. When it won;t start, look at what an engine needs to run: air, fuel, spark. Air is the easiest, so start by checking our the air filter and pull that off and check the throat of the carb, just in case. Sometimes debris can get in the carb intake and clog or partly clog it. Same for the carb throat, although less likely because, in theory, the filter should always be in place to protect the carb. MY72BUG addressed the fuel part pretty well. I'd just add that you can check the operation of your fuel pump by unhooking the line going from the pump to the carb and hooking up another one that just goes to a jar. have someone turn the engine over and see if you get good, healthy squirts. before that, you may want to get at the line coming from the fuel tank and let it gravity-drip into a jar. See if it's cloudy or worse. Even with fresh gas in the tank, if its got bad sediment in there, it may not be getting sufficient burnable gas to the carb to work. Finally, spark. I'm not familiar with the MDS system, but i presume there's some place you can take off the wire that connects from the coil to the distributor. Hold it with a glove or a rag and hold it close to the contact but where you can see it. Then have your friend crank the engine again. If you see a nice white or blue-white spark, good. Yellow is not good and means the coil is bad. No spark is worse, of course, and likewise means the coil's kaput.
  I'm generally an advocate of using the John Muir book on VWs "for the Compleat Idiot." It has a good what-to-do for just about every situation, and the won't start is one of them.
  But if your fancy electrical system is working, don't toss it just because it's fancy and/or unfamiliar. Don't fix if it ain't broke (or expected to break).
  Good luck!
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