Seems about 75-80% of the time i am giving it gas at 3000+RPM, my '72 bug acts like it is not firing on all four cylinders. This misfire sequence is enhanced greatly when i turn a corner and i give it gas in 2nd gear. it happens in all gears. It is also evident when my bug is cold, after is warms up it doesnt seem so evident.

i have swapped out 34 pict 3's and still have the same problem. someone has told me it is either the distributor(i have a vacuum advance distributor), or it could be a stuck valve. UUHHGGG!!!!

i have just given it a tune up. valves are @.006, points are dead on(dwell is at 50.3), timing is dead on with 36-40 degree advance at 2500-3000RPM, all the plugs are fine and pluged in, dist. cap and rotor have less than 2,000 miles on them, and it idles smooth at 850-900RPM. it just sucks a$$ when I get it to 3000+RPM during accelaration.


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Sounds more like a fuel starvation problem, Check your fuel pump output change the filter check the carb float, also check all the fuel lines, I had one that didn't leak fuel but it would suck air. It took me a two weeks to figure it out. 

Good luck

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