Allow myself to introduce .......... myself?

My name is Al, i'm 37 years old and I live in Dallas, TX. I'm a big European and German car guy and have a bunch of old Mercedes (mostly with hulking V8 engines) and a couple of old Jags

In an effort to try to thin the herd, I've put a couple of my old Mercedes Benz cars up for sale which resulted in a gentleman trading his very clean 69 Beetle for my 1976 300D. I had no intention in getting another car, but as it was smaller then my 300D, It did serve my goal in reducing space.

Now I need to learn up on beetles and have the following questions:

Any DFW owners on this forum?
Anybody know where i can get parts?
Are there things that I need to watch out for on beetles?
Any other websites that would be good to hang out in?

Your thoughts and opinions would be gratefully appreciated.

Here's my new motor

With best regards

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That's a sweet ride my friend. As far as parts go there are lots of places to buy and you'll be able to find almost everything that you need. I use for my Beetle parts but shop around for the best price. The main thing to watch out for is rust and the rest of the car is pretty much like a regular car. Change the oil, tune it up, maybe try to improve on some of the original stuff like upgrading to an electronic ignition and so on. This forum is for all air-cooled VWs but for one that is just Beetles go to Welcome!
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You may get hooked on these things! The next thing you'll be going to bug shows.I've owned may beetles over the years from the age of 15. I sold my 'Vette to be able to keep my latest one in the garage. But I'm not addicted!
Pick up a copy of Hot VW's magazine. You will find a lot of parts dealers in it along with how to articles.
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1976 Drag Beetle- Heathclief
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Welcome to the forum. That's a nice clean bug you have there. If you have questions, ask. The only dumb question is an unasked question. You'll find help on this forum to assist you in solving any problem that might come up.
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