hello I am new to this forum and to this great world of the beetle. I just got a 73 super that i have been slowly working on and i am looking for some advice. First, I am looking to restore the car thats been sitting for 15 years and had a classic vw guy get it running.  He owns a shop that was well represented on yelp but after he worked on mine and charged me a bunch i am unhappy. so i am look to the forward and thats why i am on here looking for help.
1st. i have to fix the exhaust. i want it to sound and look like oem. any suggestion?
2nd suggestions on a good carpet to buy?

Thank you. 
1973 Super Beetle
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Congrats on your new Beetle! There are tons of places for VW parts, one of the most popular is CIP Post some pics of your new ride!

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Do you have the slightest idea what it takes to get a car started after sitting for 15 years? You say you're restoring the 73. Bought any tools or equipment
lately? I don't mean from Wal Mart either. You know, stuff like wrenches, floor jacks, ratchets and sockets, screwdrivers, jack stands. The list goes on
forever. Anyway, if you have spent several grand for the basic stuff to do your restoration you might have an idea of what's called start up cost.
The guy who got your car running has a lot more invested in tools, equipment, and learning his trade. If you got what you paid for, you have no lagitimate beef. If you think he overcharged you, go talk to him and tell him where you have a problem with his rates.
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