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I am moving to SF in January, and my sweet Ghia needs work after being in storage for 3 years! In addition to the standard stuff to get her back into running order (lube, battery, valves, etc.) I also need to repair shoddy restoration work on the gear box and replace non-stock exhaust pipes (return to stock pea shooters), plus switch back to radial tires (I have bias-ply, yuck!!). Basically, I want to move this baby from an occasional use car to a daily driver for a bit. I don't know any shops in the Bay Area, and would love a recommendation. Please respond to this post. Thanks!!

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I don't live in SO-CAL so I was hoping that some one else would help ya. But I would start with HOT VW mag and look in the classifieds as there are some good shops in there. And I would talk to some other Bug,Bus or Ghia owners(they are about same except the body) in your area as they should be able to point you in the right direction.
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Check the link to CA here at the site...

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