how do you think the front of this bug is lowered. appears to have stock track width and stock tires? i want to get mine to look exactly like this... as far as how its been lowered. help please

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there are two ways that beetle could be lowered...
it could have adjusters fitted to both torsion bars
the two torsion bars in the front are fixed with a small spot pressed into the torsion bar leaves..
this spot is removed along with about 3 inches of the tubes
an adjuster is then welded into place which can be moved up or down with a screw...
the complete front end has to be un assembled to do this..
it could have lowered drop spindles.. which are axles that are made on a longer arm, so the axles are up 3 or 4+ inches, so when the wheel is put on, the top of the tire will be 3 or 4 inches [or more] closer to the top of the fender..
some people go to the extreme and have the dropped spindles [axles] plus the adjusters fitted so they can adjust the front to Exactly where they want it...
most beetles [non supers] in Australia have the adjusters fitted - as it is the most inexpensive way of doing it, when you do it Yourself... or at least pull it all apart Yourself..
then put it all back together..
then usually very narrow tires are fitted..
135 x 15 or 145 x 15
so the tires don't rub on the fender...
this is also very common on early beetles in Australia

Lee Noonan
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