I am brand new into VW's, I have always been (and still are) into muscle Mopars. I own a 72 Plymouth Cuda 340 that I have restored, so restoration and modifications are not new to me. I have always admired VW's from afar, my son is turning 16 soon and he has grown accustomed to them as well.

I have found a 69 Beetle that the owner is asking $500 for. The little car cranks and runs well but it will not go into gear. He told me he thinks the clutch cable is either off or broken (does this sound right), he tells me he was driving it around his property and he hit a stump or something and it quit going into gear after that. Anyway, I am really interested in the Cal look. Dropped front end, Porsche wheels and things like that. My big question is how do you lower the front end and what size wheels tires do you run. I found a picture on this website that the bug is sitting like I want mine to sit and it has the same style wheels that I am wanting. Follow this link and let me know what size wheel/tires this is running and what has been done to it.


Any ideas, suggestions and anything else you can tell me will be GREATLY appreciated.

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Hi Mopar man and welcome to the world of VW.  You will find a lot of people here who will be happy to help a newbie.  First; $500 for a Beetle is not a bad start but where you want to be heads up is the condition of the Bug's body.  Mechanicals are plentiful, cheap and come in a wide variety from dead original stock to flat out VW high performance.  ( Don't laugh, I have seen Bugs that can lay a severe wuppin' on V8's any day of the week. )   Bodies can start to cost some severe coin if old man rust has got his hands on the car.  I don't know if you are in the rust belt.  With some luck maybe you have a South -Western bug that is unravaged.  If worse does come to worse, you will be happy to know that your '69 is body on chassis and can be undone and put back together using no end of available body repair panels.  Do yourself a favour ( sorry about that Canadian spelling ) and look up CIP1. com   Spring for a 300+ page catalogue for the princely sum of 1 US greenback and check out everything that is available.  You will be amazed at the resources available to the Bug restorer.  There are other good information sources.  Haynes does a good book on VW and there are specialty books for engine rebuilding, high performance etc.   As long as you have a reasonably good body, your initial $500 is a good start.  The cable may well be broken, that is a relatively common occurrence.  Get a squint under the car on the driver's side and you can see where the cable goes to the bell housing.  Even if the cable is intact and shifting isn't possible, it is not the end of the world by any means.  Just determine how far you can go with things like floor panels, heater channels ( the structural body piece which forms the sill of your door opening ) and such and you will be able to measure how much work and money you can put into the project.  I bought a ' 72 convertible for $1000 Cdn and discovered the need for over $6000 worth of body work some of which demanded very experienced ($$$)  hands to do it right.  I am happy with my results.  Bugs are a bag of fun to drive and will be a lot kinder to your wallet than the 340 !  Good luck with the project.  Post any questions here.  There are lots of people out there who can give you help.   MY 72 BUG  Dan in Goderich, Ont. Canada
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