I've been looking at a variety of websites with new seats to put in my bug.  There's really nothing wrong with the ones I have except they are low-back and do not recline.  Arguably, this is not as safe as high-back seats (consider a rear-end collision) and the reclining would be nice for those longer trips.  The dilemma I've got here is the price and compatibility.  I've found a really really good price and a buy one get one 1/2 off deal for some 'racing' style seats that recline and look pretty nice.  Here's the description it has:    (I'm not interested in racing harness, I'll just get some retractable 3-point belts)

"Fits either driver or passenger side. Built-in slots for racing belt harness (racing belt harness sold separately). Includes sliding adjusters. Seat mount from bottom and includes "slider" brackets to adjust front to rear seat placement. These sliders will fit any existing or aftermarket seat floor mounting bracket with 13-5/8" wide bolt hole to bolt hole but may require some bracket modifications and/or drlling. If vehicle does not have exisiting seat bracket, a floor mounted bracket will have to be fabricated."

Here's the link to the page:

I'm concerned with the compatibility.  I'd really rather prefer to be able to just slide those old seats out and have these slide right in.  I don't want to drill any holes or have to fabricate anything.  I just have no idea if these will fit without speculating and spending all that money to find out. 

Anyone know if these specs look right for my '69 beetle?   (13-5/8")
If I do get these seats and they don't fit right away, got any idea if I can just buy the correct pieces needed to fit?

Thanks in advance for any advice!

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If it is slide out old slide in new that you want you could gain the high back ( but not tilt) by putting in a set of seats from a ' 72.  These use the same track system.  It all changed in ' 73 but that's another story.  Otherwise, I would be tempted to do some measurements and then check out my local wrecking yard for seats which mount on a flat floor like those in a mini-van.  As long as your floor to seat height and overall width are good, you could adapt a set of those without too much fuss.  You could even score a set of power seats or even leather.  The wrecking yards up here are full of them.  I put a set of 1988 T-bird seats in my ' 77 Ford Granada and that was on a humped floor!   MY72BUG
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