Hello, after many decisions for my first car i have arrived on a 60s-70s Beetle. I was just wondering how much should i be willing to pay for a car that needs a good restoration, and what are some easy yet cheap mods I can install so my friends can OOO and AHHH at me driving by.



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It really does depend on how much you want to spend on the resto. I'm sure you could pick up a Bug for around $500.00, but that might need a few thousand dollars of work to get those kinds of ooooo's and aaaaa's. If you aren't going to do a pan-off resto and be willing to repair some major rust you would be better of spending in the 3-5K range and get a Beetle that has had most of the work done for you. Make sure that you can check the records on the repairs/restoration to make sure that it's been done properly.


A mint stock Beetle will turn heads just as much as one that has been "done up". Cheap mods could be wheels, exhaust, steering wheel, gear shift, sound system, high performance  carb and a lot of engine chrome!

And, good luck!

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Hi beetle. welcome to the world of all things VW.  A good place to start looking for a bug is in Collector Car Trader. Com.  Depending on where you are located you can find a good starter Beetle for a variety of prices.  Comparison shopping in Collector Car Trader will give you an idea of what is selling for what price and where you would have to go to nail a good deal.  A few things to remember:
1. Your number one priority is body.  When the rust got ahold of the old beetles it just galloped through them.  You can find the needed repair panels but the body shop man had better be your best friend because you will get to know him fairly well.
2. Mechanicals are a lesser priority.  Beetles have their quirks but the average shade tree mechanic can pick up the essentials quickly. 
3.  Check out CIP1 and get the catalogue.  It is over 300 pages of everything you need / want / might need / might want covering everything from whole engines to body panels to upholstery to fancy whimsies.  You will learn that you cannot beat Bug restoration for parts availability and reasonable prices

So do some comparison shopping.  Watch for quicky bondo body jobs.  Don't be dismayed if your perfect car is missing a part or two.  Check out the California cars in Collector Car Trader.  I have seen good starters in there for about $ 1500 to  $2500.  Better to start at that level than to land a $ 500 pile of iron oxide which needs $ 3000 in body work. 
Check out your local VW club.  They will be knowledgeable and will know sources for used parts and rare stuff.  My 72 convertible took four years of restoration - much of that time spent waiting.  When you are on the boulevard watching the heads turn it will all be worth it.  Good luck with the project.  Happy shopping.
Dan ( My72BUG) in Goderich, Ont.

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Thank you so much for the help. I do have an uncle who is very big in the classic VW community. I have been talking to him and have found some cars in my area ranging from $800 to $2,500. When my dad and I decide on a car and I start my project I will definitely keep in touch.

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