Found out I had a bad wire(s). Oh yea, they been on awhile, maybe 80k miles .  I could tell when I looked inside the 40-day old distributer cap that there was some black carbon only around the #1 cylinder post, and some cracking on the coil to cap wire.  I also went and spoke with one of the local Bugshops/Bugbarn.  She runs like a champ again

Live and learn.


'72 Super. Paint-7/20/09, 400+k miles, New engine case "41" Brazil, rebuilt German heads, new Bosch electrics, new Solex German carb. new German silencer. Built by Steve Tims Performance/Enterprises, Riverside CA. '73 OEM airfilter, (Fram elemement), chrome stock wheels, daily driver, 25.46-27.50mpg, driven 20+years.
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Nice! It's a great feeling when it turns out to be something simple like that.

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That was an easy fix...


I have always carried one long spare spark plug lead in case one fails...

New set of points - rotor button and spare dizzy cap and naturally a spare fan belt.. [alternator belt].. and one used spark plug...

all for just in case problems...

Do You use genuine VW type wire leads? as they cannot burn out as the wire is too thick... they can short out if touching a metal surface...

and the old faithfull points file...





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