This may be a stupid question, but I'm going to do an oil change in my '73 Beetle and am wondering what is the best type of oil for the winter.  We don't have terribly cold winters, I live near Vancouver, BC, but sometimes it can get down in the '15 range.  I do a lot of short trips, if that makes a different.  Thanks!
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There are no stupid questions.  You will get a lot of input and opinions on what type of oil to use.  Here in southern Ontario I have been using 20W-50 Castrol GTX but the Bug goes into storage when winter raises its ugly head - as in Oct. 31 the Beetle was tucked away for the duration.  I did run it in some fairly cool weather and the oil was slow to heat up because I do not run a thermostat in my car.  Given all of that - I have converted to full synthetic 5W-50 which really covers a wide range of temperatures.  I already noticed that on a 7 degree C. day ( about 43 F for folks who still use Fahrenheit) I had very little stalling after a minimal warm up whereas with the 20W-50 the old girl died at every intersection the victim of cold, heavy oil.  A Winter grade 10W-30 should hold you over until spring but make sure you use a premium grade product.
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