Heya fellas,

Im in the process of getting my engine finished up and ran across something that concerns me.  Im using the "how to build an aircooled engine" book for reference and it says i should grease the gears of the pump, as well as the inside of the housing itself with white lithium grease.  If i do that, won't that grease get in my oil?  Im kinda new at this, but from what i can tell it looks like the oil travels right through the gears in the pump.  Don't want to mess anything up and want to make sure i get it together right.  Thanks for any help!  Eric.

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Grease'em it won't hurt a bit. The grease will not cause any problems and will allow the pump to pickup oil quicker. Also you should have enough oil to change it after you start it up and run it for a short while...Get it up to running temp(ya know drive around for a few miles) and then dump it and change the oil and clean the screen.
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