My new beetle seems to be using a fair amount of oil - i've topped it up twice (2 litres) since i got it in early March this year and have done about 6000 miles since. Is this normal? Its just gone over 40k miles and is a 2000 reg. I can't see any signs of leaking and the exhaust smells fine.

Any ideas?

Thanks, Waz
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This is an air-cooled forum but from a bit of research that I've down it seems that the New Beetle might have a bit of an oil consumption problem.

Beth of Hermosa Beach CA writes:
I have had NUMEROUS problems with my 99 'VW Beetle. Most recently (May 01'), I had a new engine installed because of an oil consumption problem. But, since the engine replacement, my vehicle has continued to consume a massive amount of oil (1 1/2 quart every 1,000 miles). VW requested I get an oil consumption test every 1,000 miles to document the oil consumption problem. Because I only average 500 miles a month, I was going into Peyton Cramer every other month.

Well, I've now had 6 oil consumption tests. Each time my car had consumed 1 1/2 quarts of oil to 2 1/2 quarts. All along I was led to believe that there was a particular someone charting my information and in charge of my situation. Finally, Ramez from Peyton Cramer VW in Torrance, CA sent my file to Scott S of the Thousand Oaks VW office who reviewed my whole file for a whole 15 minutes. His only solution was to bring my car back to the dealership's service department for MORE service. This 99' vehicle has been in the service department WAY TOO OFTEN.

My request prior to the oil consumption tests was to trade in the car for a new vehicle. But, in order for them to consider my request, they asked that I do the oil consumption tests. Well, I did, plus an additional 3 because they weren't responding.

I'd contact your local VW dealer and ask if this is a problem and if VW is doing anything about it.
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Thanks for the help

I realised it was mainly air-cooled after i'd posted the message!

Not to worry, i've got a '73 jeans beetle (needs a new home and resto) and a type 3 fastback (awaiting resto) and the beetle was a replacement to a 911 that i wrote off earlier this year. I can't wait to get back behind the wheel of an air-cooled car!

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Nice. I'll be looking forward to some pictures when you get it done. Please visit our other site SuperBeetles.Com for tons of info on air-cooled Beetles, both Super and Standard.
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