I have a friend with a '72 Super ('vert) with black interior. He needs a rear ashtray. He has one installed on the other side of the cabin; it is chrome and white (see attached). This is one of the few chrome accessories in the cabin, so he suspects its not original equipment. But it fits perfectly.

He just bought a black ashtray, which looks like it would be correct, but its too deep for the existing bracket.

Is the pictured ashtray original equipment for a '72 Super 'vert? Or does he need to swap brackets and install the deeper black ashtray to have it look original?


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Wayne Dean
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MY72BUG is a 1972 convertible.  On both my original rear panels and my replacement ones there was no suggestion of an ashtray on either side.  Not a big deal for me as I never developed the habit.  I suspect that the shallow unit may be a factory original option as a deeper unit may interfere with the movement of the rear 1/4 window as it goes up and down.  An excellent source of information for the convertibles is the site master of TYP15.com the web site for beetle convertibles in Krefeld, Germany.  I needed to know some information about the actual size of the rear window glass for my convertible as I had glass and a frame which did not match.  Michael Berger is the web master and he can pose questions to the ultimate information source, the VW Museum in Osnabruck where the convertbles were made in the Karmann factory.  You can pose your question in English as Michael has made this web site multilingual.  I am sure that he would be able to answer your question.  Dan (ashtrayless) in Goderich
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The ashtray you have that is Chrome was a stock item in 70< that was added to the bug buy the dealer as an accessory or came from Germany as factory in staled package.
The aftermarket black ones are copies of the Mexico and Brazil newer models and have a deeper tray. (i think because they used the bugs as taxis)
Any way the chrome ones in the rear panels are correct (black stock in dash)
You can use the black ones with modifications.
Hope this helps.
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Yes I agree, if You fit a complete unit...
ashtray and the fitting it should fit in...
any one should fit...
the one you show looks like an early beetle ashtray...
maybe the same as in My 1968 beetle...
which I didn't reinstall ....

Lee Noonan
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