Hi VW Enthusiast!
Picture this!!   What if, there was a diecast group established
where only friends (& friends of friends) were the foundation and only
reasonable trades/sales were looked favorably on. A place where honesty
was already present and the use of foul language frowned upon. Setup for
the purpose of assisting your fellow VW collector (& yourself) in the
quest of adding to one's collection. How would you fit in a family like
atmosphere like this? If the answer is "Right In!!", please join us:-)



Group postings delivered right to your mailbox

Photo section with Yearly VW Release folders + room for personal one (at
secondary web site- PureVW)

Files section showing text versions of Yearly VW Releases. Useful in
creating your personal "Missing VW List" there, which will assist the
other members in helping you

Links section to keep you busy in your spare time

Also, monthly Toy Show/ 1:1 VW Event listings are posted (through the
secondary group) for those who mention wanting there state(s) listed.

We support your SCALE, so why don't you support ours?:-)

Hope to see you there!

Eric Matson

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