Hey there I'm totally new to this air-cooled VW game but a friend of mine and I have decided to build a Beetle each and see who can get their's to wheely down at the Pod first... I ran a modified Golf for about 10 months and have settled into a sensible little Vauxhall Corsa as every day transport whilst I'm saving my pennies and building my Beetle.

Anyway, the question is: Is it possible to turn a square-rear-windowed Beetle into a Split or Oval window? If so how much work might this take and how much might it cost. I'm concentrating on the engine for now so money should be no object by the time I'm looking at doing this but I am intrigued as to whether it's possible.

Cheers in advance.

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Ok it took me awhile to find the guys web site, I saw his stuff several years ago at MOFOCO's Bug Fest in Wisconsin, here's the link  http://www.vwinnovations.com/bug.html#split 

Personally I would try and find a good oval or split and have the real thing, or a rotted out donor and cut and weld the rear window area, I saw one at the show and it didn't look all that good to me,

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Since the surrounding metal work is the same, the best choice would be to find this particular clip on a donor car and then cut and paste.  I have seen it done by a very skilled body man and the results were excellent.  I can imagine that anything other than meticulous work would stand out, and not in a pleasant manner.  Step one; find the clip. Step two; ask around and find the metal work artiste who can do it right.
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I'm quite the metalman myself actually as I've done some work on my friend's '65 Zodiac... So I think I could manage myself. If I screw up I'll get someone else to do it but I'm not into this cheque-book modding thing. My mate's 106 is like that and I don't see how he can be proud of something he played no part in.

Still what must be done must be done and if I find that I can't do it I wouldn't hesitate to get someone else on the case.
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