Learning as I go, I'm ready to move on to my distributor. My current dizzy has a mechanical advance and the extra dizzy that came with the box of "parts" has a petronix 18X-V4 in it w/o a mechanical advance. Can I switch out dizzy on my stock single port engine? (AE 620026) I'll check my coil to make sure of my ohm reading. Any help is appreciated.
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Why don't you just buy a Pertronix and install it on your own distributor? They are not that expensive and make a huge difference.
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If and when you do get a Pertronix ignition module, get the Pertronix coil # 40501.
3 ohm internally resisted, no external resistor required. your plug gap can be bigger
but you should keep a spare ignition rotor in the glove box, if you're using a Bosch rotor.
This system puts 40,000 volts out to the plugs, every so often the Bosch rotor, with a
a built in resistor, will burn out the rotor's resistor. The Bosch Blue coil is adequate to around 2500 rpm after which it starts to fall off. It's ok for a stocker but for something with a bit more get up n' go, not real good.

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