I have a '68 VW bug I am restoring, and it is popping out of 4th gear.  Any quick-fix ideas?
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First question, does the shifter move fore & aft by itself when you get on & off the gas in 1st or 2nd gear? It shouldn't, and if it does you have a problem at the front transmission mount. If that's OK, make sure the shift linkage isn't misadjusted and preventing it from going all the way into 4th...loosen the shifter bolts and push the base of the shifter as far forward as possible before tightening them back down - strictly as a temporary measure, you're now at risk of not engaging 1st or 3rd fully.
If it still jumps out of 4th, nothing short of major surgery will fix it, you may as well put the shifter back where it was and drive it 'til it drops. The longer you drive by holding it in gear the less there will be to hold it in gear with as the shift fork & slider wear away inside, but the cost of rebuilding it won't change so any miles you manage to squeeze out of it from here will be "free".
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