Porsche 911 fan shroud kits:


Does anybody have any good, bad or other experience here?

everyone who i ask says "don't waste your money--the 911 fan kits don't cool as well as stock doghouse setup----blah blah blah


except--- everyone who says this, when pressed, admits they have NEVER installed a 911 kit and therefore don't have any real world experience to base their opinion on!!!


so, please only reply with real experience about 911 fan kits.






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The problem is that those running them have no clue how to properly test them.  The tend to overcool the #1 and #3 cylinders while letting #2 and #4 run hot.  This is the exact opposite of what a stock setup does.  Since people install their CHT senders on the #3 cylinder (afterall, it's the hot one) they see cool temps and think it's all good.

They have potential, but no company has developed them enough to realize it.  They need extensive work with routing the air internally to make them cool like people think they should.  --Ryan

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