May 29-31, 2008: Punch Buggy 4 Sick Kids: Toronto, ON, Canada. The fund raising event is a 40 hour drive-a-thon of an 'Eye Catching' vintage Volkswagen Baja Bug followed by a charity Picnic. The drive-a-thon route will take the ‘Punch Buggy’ up and down Toronto’s busiest streets and will offer great visibility and exposure for Punch Buggy 4 SickKids sponsors. The event will begin in the very early morning hours of Thursday May 29 and will end after 40 hours of driving on Saturday May 31st at 1:00pm with the ‘Punch Buggy Picnic’ and Beetle invasion at Coronation Park at the entrance of the CNE.

For the last few hours of the drive-a-thon, other Volkswagen Beetle enthusiasts will be joining the drive-a-thon on the streets for a Punch Buggy March or Beetle Invasion. Our goal is to fill the streets of Toronto with the distinct sights and sounds of VW beetles strutting their stuff for a good cause. This unique fund raising concept has excellent sponsor exposure and marketability. The rare spectacle of so many VW beetles will generate visibility and interest for our event and we strongly believe that Radio, TV and news papers will not be able to resist this ‘feel good’ story. The car will be seen by thousands of people and possibly even tens of thousands!

The Punch Buggy Picnic will follow the drive-a-thon at Coronation Park (at the main entrance to the Canadian National Exhibition). Food and drink will be served and Volkswagen Beetle Clubs from all over southern Ontario will be displaying their cars. Everyone is Welcome. For more info visit 
or call Mitch Petty - (H) 416-466-3030 (W) 416-696-8686 or email mailto:mpetty@forrec.com



Wayne Dean
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