I get cold air coming thru my radio on these cold days. All the seals are in good shape on my 68 Beetle. Any ideas?

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You are still getting air in under the bonnet(hood) from something. check the seal on the body for the bonnet as they really don't seal that tight check the wiring looms for the headlights and parking/turn signals where they enter the body. Check the covers for the steering box and the shift rod and last but not least there is a drain hole under the spare tire that will let a little cold air in... Not much but when the temp outside is like up here in AK -20 to -45 ever a little cold air is a lot. On the seal for the bonnet I went to a home improvement store and bought some of the foam weather strip and put it under the lip of the stock seal to take up any imperfections. If you do it right you can't see it and it keeps the air out.
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