I was recently replacing the carpet in my 1969 bug and discovered that the metal underneath the carpet in the rear luggage area was rusted through.  Is this considered a "floor pan"? Can it be pruchased as a single peice?  Is this something a "weekend warrior" can do, or should I take it to a body shop?

Kevin A Holloman
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You can pick up the part from CIP for $199.95 From the looks of it you would have to weld it into place.
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I had same problem.

Howton's in Banning, CA cut out the rust and coated remain metal with a rust inhibitant ( or whatever) and then made a frame out of square tubing. 

I got a piece of sheet metal from lowes and it was cut to size, shaped, covered with sound deadening material and screwed down. 

Works great, plus when I had to replace my starter All I had to do was remove the cover and reach in from above rather than the underneath struggle. 

 A lot less expensive, and more functional than welding in all new panels.

Hope that helps!

68 type 1
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