Got three of my fender ready for paint. Any suggestions on removal, installation, beading, and painting. Finally getting her body together.
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They come off real easy (providing the bolts aren't seized) with a wrench or socket. Some people paint them off the car and then put them back on while others loosen them, remove the beading and paint. Either way if you're going for the original look put new black beadings in place. No one likes to see the beading painted over. Good Luck!

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For the bit of extra work involved, remove the fenders altogether, hang them and paint them separately.  Go for the beading which suits your purpose - stock or custom - and take the time to cut and fit it carefully.  Add a wipe of never-seize compound to the threads of the bolt and get all of the bolts started in the nuts before you gradually tighten them from the inner aspects of the bolt series to the outer in both directions
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