I've thought of putting a roadster kit on my 71 'vert and I wanted to know if you knew of any of them that looked really good.

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I hesitate to reply to any inquiry which involves opinions about " taste " but here goes.  When I bought  my 1972 VW 1302 convertible it had had some roadster like add ons,  but it just didn't seem right.  There were the wide flared fibreglass fenders, a fibreglass boat-tail section, super skinny front wheels, massive chrome-reversed rear wheels but this seemed to detract from the original classic design.  Moreover, it was one person's expression - something he liked.  I undid all of his work, sold off all of that non-stock foofera and relentlessly went back to stock.  I expressed myself with the choice of colour ( non-stock 1988 VW- Audi Tornado Red ) and a stock cut but non-stock two toned upholstery.  I get favourable comments everywhere I go from non-VW people and old VW fans alike.  Ask yourself whether your valuable convertible should be roadsterized.  You may be spending a lot of money to make your ride less valuable!  Whenever any car is customized, the customizer  runs the risk of creating something only a handful of people might truly love.  But if this is how you want to express yourself, take a look in the various part sources or talk to people at car shows and then do your thing.  How do you picture a roadster?  Exactly what sorts of parts are you looking for?   Just wondering.  Dan (MY72BUG) in Goderich
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Were you thinking of dropping a body on so that it would look like one of those Model T roadsters?

Personally I like the "Rat Rod" look.

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