Any tech advice on how you install front belts in a 1978 vert would be great.


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That would depend on what you are installing.  Do you have a set of stock retractable over the shoulder 3 point belts?  If this is what you are working with, the retractor goes under  the rear seat at the side, the loop part for the shoulder strap goes into a welded in threaded nut above the rear passenger's seat just under the quarter window and the far end of the belt goes into a welded in nut just inside the sill where it meets the rear part of the body by the back seat.  The portion that goes over your left shoulder and across your lap meets up with the receiver end which is an independent piece which bolts onto the side of the utility tunnel in the back seat.  The opposite side will of course be mirror image.  The older ( 1972 and back) ones do not have a retractor.  Everything must be adjusted.  The male end of the unit uses a hanger in the back seat on the side of the inner panel just behind the driver's left shoulder.  The other bits are installed the same way except that the centre receiving unit is a fixed double unit which does both sides.  Dan (MY72BUG) in Goderich
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