On the drives seat, the seat release rod that you lift the knob up to move the seat forward seems to be bent and worn where it rides on the guide.

Anyone have a suggestion on how to replace?  Can't seem to find this part anywhere. Haven't tried the junk yards yet but thought I'd see here first.

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I can't really tell You much as there are different types of seat runners etc....
the lever shouldn't wear out,,
although they can be bent easily...
on early cars the lever just engages in the teeth on the runners - to stop the seat from moving...
there was a spring hooked under the seat to help move it back and forth...  the spring may have broken or the hole it connects to may have worn thru..
this makes moving the seat very difficult..
[I know as i haven't connected the springs in My beetle as yet]
thats about all to My knowledge...
Not really sure about late model 1303 beetles...

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What year is your Beetle and are the seats stock?  If it is the type which rides back and forth on "T" shaped rails welded to the floor pan you may be missing the black plastic guides.  These tended to wear and were readily disposed of leaving the seats feeling rather wobbly on their mounts.  I found a set of used ones at a swap session and they improved my seat mounts measurably.  If they are '73-'79 vintage you may be in more difficult territory.  The seat track parts for the '71-'72 are still available from CIP1
part 3 VWC 113 881 213-2   the remaining components will require greater digging.

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1970...  I believe the seats are original...  I'll keep digging...  The pax side is just fine but the driver side looks like it's been beat up quite a bit...   Thanks! Alan
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