Restoration project for sale. Its an early bay window with the low lights, Poptop roof with bunk beds, lowered body (looks very moody), fantastic engine and gearbox (The engine really purrs and starts first time every time).


However the body is far from perfect and it very rusty (altho I have seen worse) and there's no interior.


I brought it off a guy who'd literally come back from a VW weekend and then left it for 3 years, It still had cans of beans and tomato ketchp in it from his last expedition!


It is in a bit of a state so I am not gonna fix a price, im open to reasonable offers. I paid £1000 for it with good intentions however I may just end up ebaying it but at the mo I have no pics. I saw a rusty shell of a camper go for £500 the other day, so with a brilliant engine, gearbox, other spares and a bit of luck I might get my money back!


Email me @ and i'll try and sort out some pics.


I've also got a panel van conversion, MOT'd and taxed with interior, new panels and 99.9% rust free bodywork!


Again email me for pics and make me an offer.


I wanna sell the 2 vans so I can buy a ready to rock n roll poptop to assist in my relocation to Dublin! 





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