In my 74 Super Beetle I just replaced the shifter coupler and greased the shift lever mechanism and it shifts much smoother than it did before.   When I am moving and want to downshift to 1st gear, it seems to not allow it to happen til I get below 5 miles per hour.  My question is;  Is this normal for a downshift, that  the vehicle should be near an almost stop to get back into 1st gear or should it be possible to shift to 1st at any speed?

 There is no good reason to want to downshift to that low of gear while moving but I thought it should be able to be done.

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It can be done by double clutching, but as you said, there is no good reason to do this.  Trying to will put some serious wear on your first gear synchro.  VWs have a really short first gear, once you're out of it you shouldn't be coming back in unless you are stopped.  --Ryan

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