Hey out there in aircooled land. I am totally new to the whole bug thing, and would like to ask for some assistance here!

My husband and I purchased a 1974 beetle for our grandson, he is a big Herbie fan! And we intend to give it to him totally restored for his 16th bd.

The problem that we are having is the wiring.

My husband replaced all the fuses, and the fuse box, and we still are having trouble with DBug blowing fuses...then it toasted the wiring near the fuse box, literally smokin! Does anyone have any clue where to start looking for the short? HELP!

Thanks gang!

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Hi DBug and welcome to the world of VW. Wiring problems in old Bugs are fairly common and can be very vexatious.  Access to the wiring in your car is a fair bit more difficult than in MY 72BUG.  What I would try to do would be to break the problem into smaller bits.  Remove the fuses.  Use your manual or a Haynes book to identify what circuit each fuse covers.  Plug in just one fuse and test that circuit.  Use a 12 volt tester to ensure that the power is on the correct side of the fuse box.  Trace the wiring from under the back seat at the battery to the regulator and under the carpet by the driver's door to where the harness goes up into the dash area.  These areas which are exposed to sand, water and abrasion are frequent areas for shorts when the insulation is rubbed off of the wiring and it contacts the body.  When you find the short, correct it and cover the harness with split plastic wire wrap for long term protection.  If the one component of the system acts in weird ways, always suspect a bad ground as the source of the problem.  Good luck with the project.  Dan ( MY 72BUG ) in Goderich

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