This site is not endorsed by VW Trends but they (and a couple of other VW vendors) run banner ads here. I write for VW Trends but do hold down a regular job in the automotive industry up here in Toronto, Canada. I'm just trying to get this forum going and could use any help that anyone could offer. We've had great success with the forum at my other site SuperBeetles.Com and I'm hoping it will rub off here. Welcome to the forum.
Wayne Dean
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Hiya Wayne,

I was just cruising around the net and happened to stumble into this site. I noticed that you are associating yourself with VW Trends by title and signature. Wayne, does this indicate that this site is underwritten or endorsed by VW Trends? As you can tell by my question, I do not spend a lot of time with the monthly slicks.
If it makes any difference at all, I'm not swayed one way or the other by corporate sponsorships. I'd just like to know the "lay of the land". So, if there is any other information about this topic which you would deem "safe for general knowledge", that would also be appreciated.

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Hi Mike,
You seem to pop up everywhere
Yes, Wayne started this forum a few months ago, and I am subsribed to it, and receive an email if someone asks a question etc.. I had forgotten about this one, as I went to SuperBeetles and couldn't find the posting, so I went back to the email and clicked on the "to view the thread" I have since noted that it does say AllAirCooled in the address link....
We are getting the cooler weather down here now Mike.. only down to 50F 10C at night, which is now about 530pm.
Sun is shining but only 65F outside in the shade..

Lee - 68AutoBug -
-helping keep air cooled Volkswagens alive in Australia -

Lee Noonan
68AutoBug - helping keep air cooled Volkswagens alive in Australia & around the World -

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Hiya Wayne,

Thanks for the information. It's a nicely designed site and I hope you get a good response. I notice that you have employed Lee as a moderator. That's a good start - he's a good man. We go back a ways on other sites.

Hiya Lee,

Getting too cold down there to go out chasing Roos? Just starting to warm up up here on the topside.

I think my throwout bearing is on its way out in my AS. It's getting a little noisy and I'm having to ease (go light on the gas pedal)the AS into First Range when I shift up from Low. Let you know how that turns out.

I think I'm going to take a stab or two at rebuilding a control valve. I've had them apart for cleaning but never tried to do a rebuild. Sounds like a good summer project anyway.

Catch you later.........


1970 AS Bug
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Lee has been a life saver. He's always there with an answer in both of our forums and in our Yahoo eGroup as well. And he's a great guy to top it all off.
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