I just got the July issue of HOT VWs and in the f.y.i. section I read an article titled "Paint no more" I wonder how much kickback money the politicians are going to get if this go's into effect, I downloaded the actual letter, here it is.


October 26, 2005



Ms. Kim R. Teal

Environmental Protection Specialist

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency



Research Triangle Park, North Carolina 27711


On behalf of the Automotive Service Association (ASA) and the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA), we are writing to address the possible regulation of area source emissions from automotive refinishing. ASA is the largest and oldest independent repair association in the nation. ASA’s 13,000 member businesses employ more than 65,000 independent auto service technicians. NADA is the national trade association that represents 20,000 franchised dealerships employing more than one million employees, a significant percentage of whom engage in automotive service and repair.

Franchised dealers and independent repairers are the businesses that America’s motoring public looks to for the repair of their vehicles. We appreciate EPA allowing us the opportunity for input as it moves forward with potential regulation of area source emissions from automotive refinishing. Your visits during the last year to collision repair facilities and industry events will certainly prove helpful as you develop draft rules.

ASA and NADA support an approach that would control the purchase and use of automotive refinishing products, not unlike that used by EPA to regulate motor vehicle air conditioning refrigerants today. Shops in our industry would be required to certify to EPA that they met minimum equipment and facility standards, such as the model equipment guidelines established by a joint EPA-OSHA industry workgroup several years ago (see attached). Shop certification might also require a federal tax identification number, a business license, and/or a valid state sales tax number.

Moreover, prospective purchasers and users of automotive refinishing products would be required to be employed by a certified shop and would need to be trained and tested on VOC management. Right now, for example, I-CAR offers training parameters for collision professionals that are generally accepted by all facets of the collision repair industry.

Clearly, reasonable controls on the purchase and use of automotive refinishing products is key to helping eliminate unnecessary VOC emissions from this industry sector.

Please feel free to contact either of us if we can provide more information regarding this matter.





Robert L. Redding, Jr. Doug I. Greenhaus

Washington, D.C. Representative Director, Environment, Health and Safety




So how much ya wanna bet the prices to get your car painted are going to go through the roof because you wont have a choice but to have the so called pros do the painting.

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Hmmmmm.  I think I know where they are going with this and I think I know why.  Some of the modern paints use pretty exotic chemistry and need to be handled with extreme care.  I know that here in Canada the professional shops have specialized cleaning equipment to handle lacquer based paints, but to date I have not heard about anyone controling the sale of these paints or thinners.  So I guess you could always make a pilgrimage to the Great White North and stock up here.  Then, transfer it to an old housepaint can and hope that the FBI special paints flying squad doesn't pull you over.  Look on the bright side - Thanks to the efforts of the NRA you can still buy a howitzer to defend your illegal paint booth.  Up here we have no such luck.  Dan (MY72BUG - spraying up a storm ) in Goderich, Ont.

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Car Painting businesses in Australia have to use spray booths to paint cars with two pack paint.

Special breathing gear, clothing etc has been in force for about 30 years.

The spray booths have water falling from the top of each wall flowing down to the bottom....

What happens to the contaminated water?? I don't know...

My Son is an Auto Spray painter by trade, but doesn't work in the trade any longer... Virtually very few do, as they are told about the toxic fumes etc from the paints etc and once they have finished the course,

3-4 years... most take up another job....

You can still buy auto paint including two pack {epoxy??} auto paints..

Its very expensive, so maybe not a lot is sold....??


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