Hey guys & gals (are there any gals on here?)
This is just an annoying little thing with my beetle:  My spare wont fit down in the front of the nose like it should.  Is this because the tire size people always give me is bigger than the original size that was put on these wheels when she was new?  (1969) I have it laying flat in the trunk on top of the gas tank.  I thought this was one of the differences between the standard beetle and the super?  Were the standard beetles sold with a smaller tire for the spare...something like a donut for new cars?  The only time I've ever gotten a tire to fit down in the nose like it's supposed to, I had to pull out the jack (the old one)  Then, when I closed the trunk I about didn't get it open again!  I had to get someone to help me yoink the tire out because it was wedged in there.

Any idea what the deal is here?
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Compact spares were never part of the VW's equipment.  What is the tire measurement of your spare?  I'm thinking that you will find that it is too wide to fit your tire well.  Does it seem to bind from front to back on the tire well or from side to side?   Stock tire sizes were very narrow.  MY72BUG takes a 165 R15 but the older ones shown in the catalogue are 135 and 145 width.  I don't know what to suggest other than a narrower tire for the spare.  Dan (MY72BUG) in Goderich
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