74 Super Beetle:  I have replaced the strut shocks on the front and shocks on the rear of this car.  I have adjusted the limit adjusters to avoid rubbing of tire on fenders etc. on full turn. The car has slightly oversized tires.  The problem I am incurring is that when I have the car in full turn and release the steering wheel, the car does not return to straight ahead position.  The wheels want to turn further into more full turn than when I release the steering wheel expecting a return to centered position.  Is anyone familiar with this problem ?  It could be that I need to limit the full turn travel adjustment slightly more or the "Toe-in" might not be adjusted properly.   

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juju: It's me.  I think that a trip to an alignment shop is in your future as this sounds like a toe-in problem.  Unless you know the shop has the expertise to work on these cars, it might save you some grief by calling around to determine the degree of confidence they have in their ability to align a bug.  Make sure that there is no excess movement in the tie-rod ends or the idler before you take it in.  Another place to consider is the steering box itself.  You do not want a lot of freeplay in the steering.  A shop with a good reputation should set you straight on this.  MY 72BUG

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