Have a 70 Beetle with new interior.. I want to put in a stereo but would like suggestions on where to put speakers?  Also, what is the max size speaker
for a front kick panel?   Round?  5x7?   I'm not sure what should go where..


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I've seen those front kick panels that house the speakers and the look pretty good. I've also seen people put them in the panel below the rear seat.

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i got 2 box style high-fi speakers in mine. just sit in behind the back seat perfect. and keep the parcleshalf folded down.

before that i cut wholes in my self made parcel shelf and had some 6x9's sat in that.

havin speakers there i think is ideal for beetles, but only pronblem is, if ya wanna here music in the front its fair loud for the people in the back, and also i think having speakers sat down in the back, doesn't give the best sound, idealy, id do with a small 2 in the front as well.
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