I got in touch with Hank Harries at Stuff Classic VW Transaxles and this is what he said;

"Probably the bore in the gear carrier for the 1st/2nd selector rod is worn out, especially if its an early trans (1965 or earlier), or the 1st/2nd fork is worn out. It could also be a clutch that is not releasing fully. Try adjusting the clutch until there is 1" free play at the pedal. -Hank"

I hope that this helps
Wayne Dean
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Especially when I first get into my bug in the morning, I have to put a lot of elbow grease into getting it into gear 1, gear 2 isn't so bad, & gears 3 & 4 are fine.

I'm just worried that I have a gear box waiting to give up on me

Does anyone have any suggestions? Not too technical I'm still learning

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Thanks for your help! When my girlfriend's step dad shows me how to set my timing & stuff I'll mention this to him
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I would try some anti friction additives in Your gearbox.... it can't hurt.. and maybe change the oil, as it may have heavy oil in it.. If its cold weather , oil thickens up and makes it hard to change gear. I had this problem years ago with a Mitsubishi product & they told Me to use Auto Transmission oil in the gearbox. it worked..
I have always used an anti friction additive in all the vehicles I have owned and never had a problem.
I don't recommend You put ATF in your VW gearbox, but put a lighter multigrade gear oil in it..
Also, Your clutch has to be working Perfectly to engage 1st gear.. and the pedal should have some freeplay also.. so have that checked.. doesn't take much to adjust it..

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