I am in the final stages of the partial restore on our '75 Super Beetle. The car was tore down. media blasted to the sheet metal, body work done, painted and now I have the exterior done (engine, fenders, lights, bumpers, fuel tank etc installed) and have moved to the interior. New head liner is in, windsheild, quarter panel windows and rear window are in along with the dash. Now I'm working on the doors and installing the side windows. The vents are rebuilt and back in. I installed the side windows last night and they are very hard to crank up and down. Starting in the down position they start up easy enough but about 2/3's of the way up they start to tighten up and by the time it is to the top the crank is so tight that I'm afraid the handle will break. I've loosened  the hardware and that seems to make no difference. Am I missing something? I can't find anything to adjust? Could it be the new inner and outer scraper along with the new felt seals and just tight? When I disconnect the window from the regulator the crank works fine up an down so it doesn't appear to be in the mechanism.

I have a simialr issue with the crank sunroof. When I reinstalled the moving roof section  without the seal it worked fine. When I put the new seal in you can't start the roof section moving down and back without assisting it by pushing on it. Once the back edge drops down (with some assist by hand from the outside the car) and you get it moving, after the first 2 or 3 inches it frees up and works find the rest of the way back. When you go to close it, it works OK until the last few inches. The cables (new ones installed) are basically long springs that engage a small gear (also new)on the crank. They will stretch and skip on the gear unless you push it by hand to start.

Really need some assistance on this and I promised my wife she can have her car back by Easter (started this in May).

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I had a similar problem with my Beetle that some silicone in the run channels took care of. Also, make sure the the cable on the window regulator is not kinked.

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