I must let go of old time engulfing projects. . . I have a 1981 Westy with new top seal new upholstery (on seats) new 3 window canvas. Dual head temp ga. oil ga. fuel air mix ga etc.

New re-built tranny from Transform in Long Beach.

Entire fuel injection system. But is set up for dual Weber's which have about 500 miles on them. I forgot the size but they are optimum for 2.3 L (big carbs)

Yes, the crank was C/W for more Cubes / more power. 2.3L and it definitely has got plenty of power, bigger pistons and valves. The heads are off now engine is on a stand in my garage (Petaluma, CA) so you can check it out totally. The heads have been rebuilt by Rimco (Long Beach) I want some bucks for all this. I dumped a lot in, I don't expect to get it all back but I won't give it away. So if this stuff is what your looking for then drop me a line. jontanner@comcast.net
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