We are http://www.t4camper.co.uk we are a FREE community of likeminded VW T4 and T5 owners and enthusiasts, as you are advertising your vehicle for sale we thought you might wish to take up our FREE advertising offer on our 10 websites we currently operate all for VW owners, all we require from you is some inside and our pictures along with a fair description and your asking price, any model of T4 or T5 Transporter would be acceptable to showcase to our community of owners and people researching ownership so you never know you might find a buyer through us, at least you have nothing to loose..
We also as a members community are constantly seeking new members FREE of course and their stories, build bios, travelogues etc etc if you have any such stories or photo logs to submit feel free to do so..
And lastly we would ask if you have your own website if you could place a reciprocal link in your links page we would be obliged
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