Hi beetle lovers near and far.  Have you ever had one of those show-downs with your car's electrical system which left you convinced that it was possessed by forces of evil?  Back in ' 99 when I was breathing life into a sadly abused ' 72 convertible, I engaged in out and out warfare with the electrical system from hell.  The previous owner had worked his magic to the point where the car's radio worked and the engine turned over but wouldn't start.  Nothing else worked.  I figured that I would start with the horn - nice simple circuit. Push horn - nothing.  Bench test horn - it does blow!  Test switch - it is good.  Hmmm.  On it went.  Everything was good but the blasted thing would still not work.  After more ongoing puzzlement and the conclusion that demonic forces were present, I tried the headlights.  One struggled into life.  As I reached into the car, I accidentally pushed on the horn.  The high beams came on!  What the f>>>ing  hades was going on here?  Sick wiring.  It just had to be.  I got into contortionist mode and inspected the wiring on the underside of the steering column.  There I found a crescent shaped gang-plug.  You would think that it would be "keyed" so that it could only be plugged in one way.  Well, you would be WRONG.  That plug will go together any old way you want it to with only one of those ways being right.  I pulled it apart and put it back in the correct position.  It was like a magic wand.  The wipers started up, the horn would blow and the high-low beams suddenly behaved.  The odds of anyone else out there running into this are probably pretty remote.  But if I prevent just one bug owner from being dispatched to the booby-hatch, my endeavor will have been worth while.  MY72BUG

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Nice story. I think that almost everyone has had a wiring nightmare with their V-Dub. Mine was with the front turn signals and the rear taillights. I actually melted my new Italian lenses because I hooked the bulbs up wrong. The fronts were messed up due to a bad ground that drove me nuts!

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