I'm looking for even just a little cool air for a hot summer trip in my '69 Beetle this August.  I've been looking at the Koolaire thing which fits atop a cooler:  but of all the reviews I've seen online, it seems like a 50/50 chance it's worth the $40.  I took a look at the size of the cooler it fits and they aren't all that big.  Does anyone have any experience with this product?  The thing that bothers me is that I can't find cfm's listed for the fan.

This gave me an idea though, and I'm hoping this will kick off some new thinking and maybe some help.  I'd seen this Heater/Defroster Assist Kit, that boosts the heater airflow with a couple of fans.  Take a look: 

Well, these two ideas sorta merged in my head.  I'm thinking I might be able to rig one or two of these fans to a foam cooler full of ice packs, frozen 2-liters or frozen 20oz bottles of water.  I found this fan online, which looks like the same fan on the last link: 
I've found these same fans on a couple different websites.  They're 145 cfm open flow or 100 cfm inline.  I’m not sure how exactly I’d go about this, but since I have no stereo in my Beetle, I’m thinking I could stick the cooler in the trunk, hook up the fans in there with it and run a little 3” hose into the cab through that opening.  I can cut out a wood ‘grill’ for the air hose…

So, chime in with ideas, thoughts, discouragements…I’m not going to waste any money until I’m sure it’s worth it.  I’m thinking of just getting one of those fans anyway since it's got a pretty good cfm rating and runs 12v.  The big question on that is how to pull power for it... right off the battery?  Do I need a fuse or something?  I’m not all that good with wiring.  Any ideas on what fuse to use or where to pull the power?

Thanks in advance everyone :-)
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Did you check out the units at ICE?

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Wayne has posted the Real air conditioner link...
the foam cooler with ice idea doesn't really work for long....
I tried it many years ago in a type 3 VW...
ice melts very fast on very hot days...  lol
just about any fan  will do the job...
I was just looking at a couple of old computer fans
I think they were 5 or maybe 6 inches square
and put out some good cfms... I was looking at using them on an oil cooler
and they would have done the job OK
but the oil cooler doesn't fit in My beetle...
as its an autostick and there isn't any room for it...
I was also interested in adding an air conditioner to My beetle
but its just too much trouble..
especially if you are doing it on the cheap..
using a used compressor and fan unit but everything else would be new..
I have seen one added to a 1965 beetle in Australia
its been running for 18 years.. and everything came from the car wreckers
so it didn't cost much...
so I have an old but working fan and evaporator unit that just bolts under the dash.. these were very popular back in the 70s in Australia..
the fan works very well by itself...
You would need to use a fuse in between the fan/s and the battery
or You can attach the power wire to the [radio] accessory fuse in the fuse box.. that way it would only work with the key turned on..
best of luck

Lee Noonan
68AutoBug - helping keep air cooled Volkswagens alive in Australia & around the World -
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hi! i'm homer from the philippines..I had my brasil beetle airconditioned by an enthusiast here. the single condenser 12x24 inches with 2 aux fan was placed on top of the transmission. the rear compartment floor was raised by 2 inches to accommodate the condenser. the evaporator is locally fabricated but very much similar to the units of,the drier is under the right fender.  my problem is that i get very high pressure and i dont get the desired coldness i want. others here put the condenser on the spare tirewell and they put a big hole there. can  any vw expert  enlighten  me on my concern?
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Sorry but I can't help but reply from the point of view of a Canadian:
1. roll down the windows!
2. pull back the sun roof!
3. let down the whole top!  (my approach)
4. By any means possible, enjoy these last fleeting days of warm weather because like death and taxes old man winter is just around the corner.  It is September 18th - still summer but we have had overnight lows of 4 degrees C  ( about 40 F. for y'all south of the 49th)  Within 4 weeks we could see snow and within 8 weeks we will see snow.  AC on a Beetle?   Oh puhlease !!!!

I'd rather have a partial bottle in front of me than a partial frontal lobotomy.
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Well... ya gotta cut him a little slack as he is in the Philippines they don't have that natural air conditioning like you do in Canada and me up here in the 49th. But yes I am doing anything I can to put a few miles on my old gal before the snow hits. Anything even trips to the post office or other places that I would normally walk too,anything to get that last little goodie out of the weather! 
one other note we'er hitting the high 30's at night now and I was up in the pass by where I live to pick Blue berries and there is ICE forming on the creeks and not melting during the day so it's not to far off.
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