Hi folks
I have a 1970 beetle and i am detailing the engine bay. I have removed the shroud and repainted it etc. But i can't seem to find the thermostat connector rod. In fact i don't think it was there before.

Is it possible for the engine to run without overheating etc without the thermostat attached ? And with that in mind what is the outcome of me not  finding another one?

Also whoever owned it before me sealed the heater hose outlets on the shroud with welsh plugs. Is this likely to hinder the cooling capacity of the engine ?

Any advice would be appreciated.

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If you can't assemble the thermostat, flaps, and springs, completely, remove it completely. Alot of us here in Hawaii remove these components and run without them with no problems.
Don't remove the plugs in the fan shroud. If removed, there will be that much forced air that will not be used to cool your engine.

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Thanks mate
I am in Queensland Australia. So i think our climates are similar. I have the flaps, springs etc and they are open. I was going to knock out the plugs. But I'll leave them there now mate.

As for the thermostat. I'll leave it out for now. I always warm my bug up for about 3 - 5 mins anyway.

cheers mate

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