Hello didn't have much luck with the search so here I am.
 I have a 68 auto stick.When the right rear wheel hits a bump or minor pot hole there is a thump that appears to be in the floor area right rear.
    Nothing from the left side. Had it on a lift ,nothing obvious.
    Sometimes if you rock the car side to side you do get a slight tapping.
         Any thoughts? how to confirm? Thanks,Spike
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I have the same problem. Chris of Munk's Motors (248) 681-8081 told me that it's usually not a bad shock (mine were recently replaced) or shock bolts but the somehow the torsion bar is hitting the end cap on the torsion bar housing. Solution - I avoid pot holes and roads that have been cold patched. I did break a torsion bar on my '50 bug in '58 in Germany. 5 or 6 of my Army buddies would jump in & we'd head for town. It broke later. The mechanic told me I should quit stuffing so many people in it. How did he know? There were only 4 of us in it when it broke. Mechanics are like doctors. They know when you've been abusing your car, & doctors know when you've been abusing your body!  

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Check the bushings on the spring plate(comes from the torsion tube down to the wheel) in the back. You could get by with just changing the outer one(the one under the cap on the end of the torsion tube) but that will only delay the inevitable as if the outer one is bad then both the inner and outer are bad. It is really not a hard fix with a jack some chain and a pry bar. Just make sure that you block up the car really well, mark everything so you can put it back together exactly as it came apart. disassemble the arm from the spring plate and pull the cap off the torsion tube. Using the jack and the chain jack the spring plate up off the stop then as you let it down use the bar to guide the spring plate over the stop. once it is down mark where it is at so you can put it back together correctly or your car will sit higher or lower on one side. Pull the spring plate out of the torsion tube(it will normally bring the torsion bar with it but not always) and then change the bushings. Also I would suggest that you change both sides and if you are going back with stock bushings use LOTS of talcum powder on the bushings or you will have an extremely annoying squeak.
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I assume you checked this but could it be the tranny mount under the shift rod coupler ?

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