so, hi, im new, me and my dad are vw guys, and trying to get back into the hobby,(he sold his 67 ghia when i was 4 or 5) and i found a purple 76 beetle sedan, and wanted to know if 76 was super only, i dont really want a super beetle, but the price is only 500!

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Welcome back to the world of VWs. In 1976 they made a Super and a Standard Beetle. The quickest way to see if it's a Super is to look for the curved windshield. In 1976 curved = Super Beetle. Flat = Standard Beetle. PS: I wouldn't stay away from it just because it's a Super. The SB gives the best ride and handling of the two models. Check out other web site for more info.

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Hi bigjake and as Wayne says - welcome back.  A $500 bug?  Super or standard beetle, before you jump onto that deal you need to know that your number one consideration is body and by body I mean rust.  I bought a $1000 bug convertible and spent three years and over $7000 bringing the body of the car back from the grave.  In retrospect I didn't do too bad because I was able to do all of the electrical and mechanical work myself without undue expense.  Take a hard look at the $500 bug and in particular check out the floors, heater channels ( the part under the door thresholds), the body areas where the door hinges are attached and, if it is a Super, the strut towers and frame head ( the sort of X-shaped piece onto which is attached the front suspension components).  Don't get me wrong; a good body shop can do all of this and the actual parts are available - no problem there.  You need to consider your own skills and what you may need others to do for you.  Do the math.  The $500 bug may have a good power train and could be a great parts car.  It could be combined with a solid bodied southern car for a lot less money than the cost of major body work.  Go the web site Collector Car Trader and plug in VW and a search in Arizona or California.  Decent starter VW's are there for around $2000 or less.  Give it some thought.  Shop around.  Dan (MY72BUG) in Goderich currently wishing for some Arizona weather.
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